About Ken-Mar Tax

The team at Ken-Mar Tax has many decades of combined experience in bookkeeping, tax accounting and tax preparation for individuals, sole-proprietors and owners of small businesses. The founder and head tax expert of Ken-Mar Tax, Ken Weinberg, is an Enrolled Agent who's passion is in maximizing tax reduction strategies for the self-employed, working with small businesses and Independent Contractors (1099s) to maximize their tax deductions and helping those with IRS back taxes, Ohio back taxes and local tax issues with tax resolution techniques.

Ken-Mar Tax Services specializes in helping the small business owner develop a tax strategy that provides the basis for true growth, based on a long term wealth development plan and tax planning.

Enrolled Agent ClevelandKen Weinberg is more than just a tax preparation specialist, he is an Enrolled Agent. An Enrolled Agent provides a depth of understanding in regard to the IRS tax code that goes farther than the average tax preparer. Held to high standards of training and performance, your Enrolled Agent is better prepared to save your hard earned dollars and minimize your annual tax burden while typically costing less than a CPA or Tax Attorney.