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IRS Tax Resolution

Are you getting letters from the IRS?  Have they started aggressive collection tactics? Are you worried that you may not be negotiating yourself the best installment agreement? Can they really start garnishing your wages, put a tax lien on your home, destroy your credit and take money out of your banking accounts?  It's not our goal at Ken-Mar Tax to use scare tactics.  There's no benefit to over-stating the power of the IRS, their collection tactics and your inconvenience and potential hardship that can result from IRS back taxes like wage garnishments, tax penalties, tax liens, etc.  It is true that a debt to the IRS is something to be taken seriously and ignoring letters, not signing for certified mail and pretending the issue doesn't exist will not make the IRS go away.  Maybe your self-employed and figure with no actual paycheck there are no wages to garnish or maybe you rent a home and think a tax lien won't effect you because there is no property to attach it to.  The truth is that even if you don't receive a pay-check, and don't own a home, the IRS has many ways of collecting debts - aside from tax liens and wage garnishments.  At Ken-Mar Tax we take the time to assess your IRS tax debt situation and educate you on what the IRS can do to collect back taxes, what they're likely to do and how we can provide tax resolution for your situation.

IRS Tax Resolution - Installment Agreements, Offers in Compromise, Penalty Waivers

Although you can negotiate with the IRS on your own, it is not advised.  You may unintentionally commit to something you didn't have to, you could reveal information which will not work in your favor when negotiating an offer in compromise AND you'll have to prepare yourself for hours and hours on the phone, checking for fax confirmations and explaining your situation to multiple IRS personnel. You don't have to. And you don't have to pay high Tax Attorney fees or CPA bills either.  Aside from representing yourself, there are  three types of professionals who are legally permitted to represent you to the IRS - an attorney, a CPA and an Enrolled Agent (EA).  And as an Enrolled Agent Ken Weinberg of Ken-Mar Tax is not only qualified to deal with the IRS on your behalf, as an EA his distinction is the only, out of the three, that is required to go through hours of specific training in how to represent clients when dealing with the IRS.

Tax Resolution Office

When you're dealing with back taxes and looking for help filing past tax returns, it's very helpful to have a local office where you can bring your boxes of paperwork for us to sift through together. When working with a "tax resolution" firm, make sure you have a physical space that you can make in order to make the tax resolution process less painful.

Our office is 10 minutes from Cleveland Hopkins Airport with easy access from 480 or 90, on Lorain Road in N. Olmsted just east of Clague Road.  Please make an appointment before showing up with a box of paperwork - especially between January and May, when we are very busy with tax returns.

Cleveland Tax Agent

Personal Tax Agent

At Ken-Mar Tax, when you have back taxes, potential wage garnishment or Ohio tax lien issues to clear-up, you get a personal tax agent, Ken Weinberg, working on your behalf. As an Enrolled Agent, Ken Weinberg is one of only three types pf professionals that can represent you with the IRS: a tax attorney, CPA and enrolled agent. Instead of a glorified "customer service representative," which you can expect at a big tax resolution firm, your tax professional will be dealing with the IRS, state of Ohio and local municipalities to resolve CCA and RITA tax debts on your behalf.

Cleveland Tax Expert
Local Tax Speaker

Ken Weinberg is known throughout the North Olmsted and Cleveland area. As a member of the True North Networkers BNI Chapter, he has served as President several times in the past 14 years since the chapter launched in 2008. As an expert in tax reduction and tax resolution issues he has been a featured speaker at hundreds of real estate offices throughout Cuyahoga and Lorain counties, as well as business professional groups.

If you would like Ken to deliver a presentation to a group of small business owners contact us to arrange a speaking engagement. Ken is also certified to deliver continuing education for other tax agents, or enrolled agents with the IRS.

Beware of “Cleveland Tax Resolution” Firms

We’ve been preparing taxes and helping to resolve IRS tax debts for decades and would not consider ourselves a “Cleveland Tax Resolution Firm.”  Actually the phrase itself “tax resolution” has been made popular by an onslaught of advertising and marketing tactics used by companies who generally prey on individuals that owe back taxes.  Unfortunately, now that the phrase has been made popular, it’s how people search online for help.  They look for the phrase “tax resolution” and when they’re in the Cleveland area and want to deal with a local company where they can go in, bring their IRS letters, their previous tax filings and get some face-to-face help in sorting it all out, they will search “Cleveland Tax Resolution.”  At Ken-Mar Tax we urge you to be careful of “tax resolution” firms. Perhaps this article in Forbes says it best “Tax Resolution Scams 101” when the author writes:

“Tax resolution firms are a misnomer.  They exact high fees from unassuming consumers and seldom resolve anything…. Lack of professional regulation of tax resolution firms is a large problem.  The IRS allows only Enrolled Agents, licensed CPAs, and licensed attorneys to represent taxpayers before it… Enrolled Agents pass a test administered by IRS and are qualified to represent individuals and small businesses in routine matters before the IRS.  CPAs are trained not to represent taxpayers in tax controversies but to audit companies’ financial statements.  Even a CPA with an MS in Taxation does not possess the skills of advocacy…”

In addition, many tax resolution firms have become masters at using the internet to portray themselves as local by creating a website for each city they target.  Just Google “Cleveland Tax Resolution” and you’ll see some of the same results when you search “Seattle Tax Resolution” or “Indianapolis Tax Resolution.”  We found one firm that uses the same website template for 10 different cities, except they add the phrase Cleveland, Indianapolis, Seattle, Houston, etc…, use a local address and add pictures of the city they’re targeting.  So the picture of the Cleveland Tax Resolution Team is the same picture as the Seattle Tax Resolution Team, the Dallas Tax Resolution Team, and so on.  The team is made up of five people – the President, a Tax Attorney, an Enrolled Agent, a Senior Accountant and a Case Manager, they must be doing A LOT of traveling if they’re the local team across all 10 cities.

As an actual Cleveland area company that helps individuals to resolve their IRS back taxes and tax issues, we simply urge you to be careful when dealing with any “Tax Resolution Firms.”  Call our office at 440-777-2207 or fill out the contact us form on this page to set up a free consultation and let us start working with you to resolve your IRS back taxes.