How is Small Business Defined for Small Business Tax Services

Small business can be defined in so many ways so how do we define it for our small business tax services?

Ken-Mar Tax specializes in tax preparation, tax strategy and tax consulting for the self-employed and small business, but what is a small business when we're talking about taxes? At Ken-Mar Tax we consider small business owners anyone that gets a 1099, like a Realtor or truck driver. Anyone in the gig economy, like a gig worker, Uber Driver, Airbnb landlord, online retailer and anyone selling crafts, clothes, baseball cards, or even household items online. Also  a solopreneur is a small business owner - like many attorneys, consultants, business coaches and contractors,  as well as someone that owns a business with less than 10 employees and/or less than $1Million in revenue. So whether you run a dental practice with 8 employees and two locations, or you're a handyman picking up odd jobs around town - we provide the small business tax services to reduce your tax obligation and keep your books organized.

Small business owners of all types need a tax expert, like our Enrolled Agent, Ken Weinberg, who can consult on various tax reduction strategies while ensuring nothing raises red flags in the small business tax preparation.  Small business tax services of Ken-Mar Tax include:

small business tax preparation


Ken-Mar Tax specializes in small business tax preparation. As an enrolled agent, we have the best understanding of tax reduction strategies that stay clearly within the IRS guidelines.

tax attorney cleveland


Whether you're a small business or an employee, at Ken-Mar Tax we understand when taxes don't get paid. But why pay a high-priced tax attorney or a tax resolution firm when our Enrolled Agent can represent you to the IRS, resolving back taxes, penalties and more?

small business tax preparer


Specializing in tax reduction strategies for small business and the self-employed: small business owners, Realtors, 1099 contractors, gig workers and other independent contractors trust Ken-Mar to minimize tax obligations.

small business tax consulting


What's the best way to structure your small business for tax advantages - LLC, S Corporation, C Corporation, Partnership, or Sole Proprietor? Ken-Mar Tax can review tax advantages and disadvantages of each option and let you decide on the best choice.

small business tax consultant


Small businesses benefit from working with a business tax advisor who understands the intricacies of each situation to find the best use of the complex IRS tax codes - maximizing deductions and reducing financial burden.

small business payroll and accounting


Bookkeeping services that records your small business transactions like purchases, sales, payments and receipts and for less than 10 employees we process payroll transactions so your small business doesn't need to hire an employee for balancing the books and cutting payroll checks.

Small Business Tax Terminology