Small Business Tax Reduction Strategies for the Self-Employed

Most small business owners are in search of small business tax reduction strategies when it comes to tax time and as a small business owner himself Ken Weinberg has had a passion for helping the self-employed and small business owners maximize their tax deductions.  Ken has been helping small business owners and the self employed to maximize their deductions and minimize their tax obligations for decades. More about the small business tax consulting services at Ken-Mar Tax.

Small Business Tax Preparation

Ken started Ken-Mar Tax, Inc. by first becoming an Enrolled Agent and then focusing his knowledge of tax reduction strategies by working with Realtors® throughout the Cleveland area.  Ken become well known through his free seminars designed to educate Realtors®, independent contractors, small business owners and other self-employed professionals about how to maximize their tax deductions and prepare their tax filings in the best manner for reducing their tax obligations without stretching the IRS tax codes too far.  As an Enrolled Agent Ken has dealt with many IRS Officials, understands the difference between gray areas in the tax codes and which areas are very black and white, and has a breadth of knowledge in how to maximize deductions without having a tax return that doesn't stand-up to IRS standards.

Scroll through the five tax reduction strategies for small business owners in the carousel below. This is a simple list of things any small business owner can do to ensure they aren't over-paying in taxes and remember, at Ken-Mar Tax "we'll save you more than our fee or your taxes are free." Contact us to schedule a tax filing appointment or for a free consultation.