2024 Tax Filing Process (for 2023 Tax Returns)

As of Monday, January 29, 2024, the Internal Revenue Service will start accepting 2023 tax returns for processing. To accommodate all of our existing clients, as well as new clients, we have added members to our team, new technologies and processes to streamline your tax return preparation and ensure you remain well informed as we process your tax documents.

To assist you with the organization of your tax papers we have compiled two packets: one for personal tax returns (non-business owners) and another packet for our business clients (independent contractors, real estate agents, LLCs, sole proprietorship, S Corporation, C Corporation, or however you have formed your business).

Please click on the image below to access your Tax Packet for 2023 to be filled out and returned to Ken-Mar Tax.

3 Methods of Delivering Your Tax Documents to Ken-Mar Tax for 2023 Tax Returns:

  1. Schedule an Appointment. If you require an in-person appointment to review documentation and discuss tax complexities of your tax return, please call to schedule an appointment ASAP. We have many more returning clients than appointments available so request your appointment early in the tax season. If you will need to file an extension, it is your responsibility to request that extension and fill out the proper paperwork. They will not be filed automatically.
  2. Drop-Off Documents. Click on the packet below that pertains to you, fill out the Intake & Tracking Sheet, Client Information Questionnaire, sign the appropriate Engagement Document and drop off your documents in our secure drop box or at the front desk. We will not be able to process your tax return until the forms from the packet below are completed. This is how each file and tax return begins.
  3. Upload Documents to Portal. If you are a returning client you should have access to our secure portal.  It can be accessed from the top menu and footer on all our website pages. Or just click here for portal login. From here you can upload all your documents - including the signed Engagement Document, completed Client Information Questionnaire and the Intake & Tracking Sheet.

Click to Open and Download for Business Returns

Click to Open and Download for Personal Returns