IRS Wage Garnishment

The IRS sends out many notices when you have not paid taxes due – Notice CP14, Notice CP501, Notice CP503, Notice CP504 and the Final Notice of Intent to Levy which is usually IRS Letter 1058.  As an Enrolled Agent, Ken Weinberg can deal with the IRS on your behalf to provide the IRS wage garnishment relief – setting up a payment arrangement or some other alternative.

It is important to know that there are only three professionals the IRS will deal with instead of you – an Enrolled Agent, a CPA or an Attorney.  However only the Enrolled Agent gets training in IRS Representation as part of their licensing.

So if you owe back taxes and haven’t responded to Notice CP14, Notice CP501, Notice CP503 and Notice CP504 from the IRS, and now you have received the Final Notice of Intent to Levy, or IRS Letter 1058, you should at least call Ken to see how much time you have before the IRS is likely to start garnishing your wages.

The IRS definitely has the authority and power to issue a wage garnishment and they have very intimidating letters sent by certified mail, but you don’t need to secure counsel from an expensive tax attorney in most cases.

Ken-Mar Tax Helps with Your Wage Garnishment Issues

Contact Ken Weinberg, before paying high attorney costs of a Cleveland wage garnishment lawyer, to avoid the financial stress caused by wage garnishment and the emotional stress of being on hold with the IRS for hours a day. It’s Ken’s job to represent you, be on hold with the IRS for hours a day and explain to the IRS your plan for resolving the tax debt in order to stop the Wage Garnishment from occurring.

IRS, Ohio and Local Tax Resolution Services:

Beware of "Cleveland Tax Resolution" Firms

Sidenote: As a REAL business owner in the Cleveland area (specifically North Olmsted), a Cleveland Heights High School and Cleveland State University alumni and a proud resident of North Royalton, Ohio, it's upsetting to see many of these "Cleveland Tax Resolution" and "Cleveland Wage Garnishment Relief"  firms that add the word Cleveland to their website but are, in reality, national call centers designed to bring in leads.  

When a local Cleveland area resident is already frustrated, confused and trying to weigh their options for minimizing a tax debt situation they have fallen into, it's unethical for these predators to give a false impression that you'll be dealing with a local professional to resolve IRS, Ohio and other back tax issues. Be careful who you're dealing with because we hear all the time from clients who Google “Wage Garnishment Relief in Cleveland” and find either a plethora of high-priced attorneys or the same "Cleveland Pure Tax Resolution" firm that is found for “Tax Resolution Seattle” and "Tax Resolution San Antonio" - it's the same website with different cities - the same team of  "qualified attorneys, tax professionals and enrolled agents."  Please take a moment to perform some extra due diligence before engaging with a tax resolution firm that at first glance appears to be local.

Please read through this article on Investopedia "The Truth About IRS Tax Settlement Firms" before engaging with a tax resolution firm.