What are RITA Penalties and CCA Cleveland Collections?

Are you receiving letters from organizations such as RITA and CCA? Do they threaten to apply late fees and garnished wages for taxes you’ve paid already? Are you confused, wondering how you can afford this on top of income tax? Local taxes collected by the city can be threatening, especially when some of the taxes are bills you don’t understand why you’re paying. To rid some confusion, some cities (such as Cleveland) require that citizens have to pay a municipality tax for social services such as garbage collection. Some of these municipalities use a collection agency such as RITA (Regional Income Tax Agency) or the CCA (Central Collection Agency) to perform certain tasks, such set the rates of these taxes and collect said taxes. While this on itself may be confusing to understand, these agencies also have to power to penalize you for avoiding their taxes. RITA penalties can include late fees and garnished wages, for example.

Payment Planning to Avoid CCA and RITA Penalties

Trying to juggle RITA penalties, CCA Cleveland taxes, or any other municipality tax issues can be a hassle for independent tax payers. That’s where the local tax experts at Ken-Mar Tax can help. We can help you establish a payment plan for RITA or CCA taxes in Cleveland, helping you calculate what you should pay. If you are in need of back tax resolution or RITA penalty relief, contact us, and we will review your local tax liability. Our team of tax experts is consistently in contact with RITA, CCA and other local taxing municipalities, continuously gaining expertise about how these agencies operate and what process to follow in order to quickly resolve back-tax issues with the least amount of penalties and hassle for our clients. Our team of tax resolution professionals specializes in working out RITA and CCA payment plans, helping resolve RITA penalties and reducing back-tax liability for our clients.

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